Were you recently receiving therapy for an extended period of time? How do you know when you no longer need to see a therapist or counsellor? Let’s take a look in more detail below.

You may have talked with a professional counsellor who provided plenty of good advice over the span of several months or even years.

However, you might feel like you no longer need to attend therapy sessions.

Before you begin calling it quits, there are certain things you should ask yourself to ensure that you are fully prepared to live the best life has to offer without continuing to see a professional counsellor.


When you are seeing a therapist on a routine basis, you are confiding in someone about the things that regularly go on in your life.

You have most likely opened up about everything you could possibly think of, including your relationships with your partner, family members, and even some friends.

You may have talked about things that stress you out and make you feel down or depressed.

And, when you have talked about all those different things, there is a good chance that your counsellor has listened and offered advice for you to follow.

If you have followed the advice given to you and you feel like things have drastically improved, you might not need to go to therapy sessions anymore.


Before you started going to therapy with a counsellor, you may have attempted to cope with your feelings in ways that were considered unhealthy.

For example, you may have simply lashed out on those around you because you were feeling anxious, depressed, and upset.

Instead of using healthy coping mechanisms, you might have spent time drinking alcohol or abusing certain drugs because you were trying to forget about the pain, even if only for a short while.

However, using drugs and alcohol is never a good idea and that is probably why you decided to start going to therapy in the first place.

A professional counsellor can teach clients healthy ways to cope with their feelings.

If you have learned new coping mechanisms that work for you, such as exercising when you feel stressed, writing in a journal to let your feelings out, or even going on a walk to get some fresh air when you are upset about something, you might be ready to stop going to therapy sessions.

You will need to remember these healthy coping mechanisms and avoid going back to the things that you used to do in the past.


After spending a lot of time with a counsellor, you are likely feeling a lot better than you were feeling before you started these therapy sessions. If you are feeling confident and secure, you might not need to go to therapy anymore.

While you can still benefit from seeing a counsellor when you are feeling happy and confident, it is not necessarily a requirement. It is something that is completely optional for you.

If you have been in therapy for a while and you were regularly meeting with a counsellor to talk about your feelings and get professional advice, you might feel like you are fully ready to stop going to therapy sessions.

You may be ready to stop seeing a counsellor if you have followed all the advice given to you, have learned healthy coping mechanism, and you are feeling a lot better than you used to feel when you first started going to therapy.

Of course, the choice to stop going to therapy is entirely up to you. It is something you would need to think about before making such a big decision.

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