Are you planning to seek couples’ therapy? Are you confused as to what couples’ therapy actually is? If so, please continue to read below.

Romantic relationships are usually hard work. Regular maintenance is important to keep them running well. If there is a problem, it’s best to repair it immediately to avoid complications down the road.

You may be able to do some basic repair work and maintenance yourself, but there are times when you have to rely on a professional to give you the right advice.

That’s where couples’ therapy, or relationship counselling, comes into play. Please read below to find out more about:

  • What Is Couples’ Therapy?
  • Who Will Benefit From Couples’ Therapy?
  • How To Find A Professional Couples’ Therapist In Australia?


Couples’ therapy is a type of psychotherapy that deals with couples. A therapist with appropriate clinical experience will solely work with couples to solve relationship issues between them.

The therapist will help two people who are involved in a romantic relationship to gain insight into their relationship.

The couple will be able to resolve the conflict and improve their relationship satisfaction with the help of the therapist. The therapist will use a wide variety of therapeutic interventions for this purpose.

Couples’ therapy involves the following general components:

  • Focusing on a specific problem between the two partners of the relationship – such as jealousy, sexual difficulty, or addiction
  • The therapist will try to treat the relationship itself instead of treating each individual separately
  • The therapist will intervene with the view of finding a specific solution to the relationship problem between the two partners
  • The therapist will have a clear establishment of treatment objectives

Couples’ therapy will start with the standard questioning method where the therapist will inquire about the history of the relationship between the partners.

The professional will explore the family origin of each partner to know whether there is a family history to the issue.

When the treatment phase comes, the therapist will help the partners to gain insight into the relational elements of the problem. The professional will help both partners understand their specific role in the dysfunctional interactions.


Couples’ therapy benefits any kind of relationship issue. There is no issue whether the partners are heterosexual, homosexual, mixed-race, old, young, engaged, married or dating for the success of couples’ therapy.

Any two individuals with a relationship issue can benefit from this kind of therapy. The therapist will help resolve current issues as well as future issues.

Some of the common areas of concern addressed in couples therapy include parenting, sex, money, in-laws, infidelity, gambling, infertility, substance use, chronic health issues, emotional distance, and more.

Couples’ therapy is a text-based model with many advantages compared to traditional counselling sessions.

Both partners are heard by the therapist without any interruptions before assisting to solve the relationship issue between the partners.

That’s why you seriously consider couples’ therapy if you feel you fall into any one of the aforementioned categories.


With hundreds of relationship counsellors in Australia, choosing the best couples’ therapist isn’t an easy task. Your research is important when choosing the best professional to deal with your problem.

The range of problems that could be resolved by a professional therapist is more extensive than you might think. However, you need to work with the right professional for the best results for your problem.

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