It is easy to go on pretending that your relationship with a significant other is the fairytale that everyone dreams of.

However, what is it doing to your emotional and psychological well being? Just about every relationship goes through difficulties from time to time.

How you deal with the troubled times will define how strong your relationship will be in the future.

Each relationship can also use a little help to get through the hard times with love, trust, respect and loyalty intact.

So how do you know when your relationship is in serious trouble or if you are just facing a small hurdle that can be easily overcome?

In both cases, it is probably best to seek couples counselling. Here are the top 8 signs in which your relationship could benefit from counselling:


Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

If you aren’t talking to each other or only speak about mundane day-to-day activities, then it is probably a good idea to get some counselling.

Counselling provides a safe environment to facilitate communication between couples and teach them the best way to communicate.


Constantly arguing about matters that are trivial or unimportant in the greater scheme of things is another sign that you may need counselling.

Couples therapy looks beyond the trivial matters to identify the source of the arguing.


Not being able to express your feelings, especially those of anger and hurt, in fear of starting an argument should be addressed in therapy.

This is a sign that there may be a lack of trust in the relationship or a lack of confidence.

Counselling can provide the necessary tools to assist in being able to communicate feelings in a healthy manner.


If one partner is punishing the other through withholding affection, giving them the silent treatment or any other form of discipline, this is a serious problem in the relationship.


If you are going to bed every night with your backs turned to one another and are avoiding touching each other, there is a definite need for counselling.


If either couple feels the need or is tempted to seek affection outside of the relationship, it is best to seek counselling before it reaches the stage of actually having an affair.


A relationship that has secrets is bound to have problems.

Keeping secrets normally involves lying to each other or hiding things from one another and it is best to seek counselling sooner rather than later.


Intimacy is often confused with sex. However, there other measurements of a healthy relationship such as wanting to hold hands or seeking a kiss or a cuddle.

A lack of intimacy is one of the most important signs that a relationship may already be on the rocks.

No matter how big or small the problems in your relationship may seem, it is recommended to seek out couples counselling sooner rather than later.

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