Relationship counselling will help you deal with conflict, insecurity and negative behaviour patterns.

Most intimate couples experience these challenges at some point in their relationship.

The more common relationship difficulties include:


Communication issues occur when the message we send to our partner is misunderstood or misinterpreted. This is not uncommon when a couple experience significant relationship problems. Effective communication, which is viewed as the binding tool for any romantic relationship, breaks down under relationship stress.

Relationship conflict

Relationship conflict often includes anger which unfortunately results in hurtful things being said. This means that conflict in a relationship can rapidly become very unpleasant and also very personal. We know how best to hurt our partner however much we regret it later.


While sexual Intimacy is important Intimacy is much more than that, It encompasses all the different dimensions of our relationship. Intimacy involves the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well as sexual components.


Trust and in particular infidelity is becoming one of the most common relationship challenges.  The acts of infidelity can have devastating consequences on those involved.

Substance abuse

Substance abuse particularly alcohol, has been associated with financial problems and health problems that contribute to relational distress. Many people use it as a way of coping with the problems in their relationships.

Relationship counselling will help you deal with these challenges. We will work together to;

  • Improve communication. We will talk about issues simply and clearly without being defensive.
  • Resolve conflict. By avoiding anger and negative personal comments while dealing with issues constructively.
  • Build respect. You will be honest and open about your own feelings while at the same time caring for your partners emotional needs.
  • Increase relationship energy. You will be encouraged to initiate the activities and behaviours necessary to enhance your relationship.
  • Restore intimacy. We will explore physical and emotional closeness. 
  • Rebuild trust. If you believe that your partner is honest and reliable, you will feel safe both physically and emotionally. Without trust, insecurity and fear begins to dominate the relationship. 

We will work with you both to think clearly, behave respectfully and to have an active and loving relationship.

Becoming an emotionally mature couple

Dealing with relationship problems requires that both of you exhibit emotional mature behaviour. Emotional maturity is the ability to handle situations without escalating them. Instead of seeking to blame your partner or external factors for the problems you will accept your individual contribution to the relationship dynamic. We will work with you both to think clearly, behave respectfully and to have an active and loving relationship.

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