When most people think of attending a counselling session, they imagine sitting on a couch in an office and speaking to someone in person.

While some clients do this regularly, modern technology has expanded the available options. It is now possible to attend sessions online.

Many are wary of trying something new, but here are all of the benefits one can expect to receive if they decide to give it a try.


One thing that many do not realise is the fact that counsellors online are no different from those you would see if you decided to make an in-person appointment.

In fact, if you are currently seeing a counsellor regularly, you can ask if they would be willing to switch to online sessions.

It can be a bit tricky when trying to determine if a new person is a professional with all the credentials needed, but doing some research can clear all that up for you.


There are two types of sessions available online: There are video conference options as well as sessions that occur via text message.

In some cases, the latter is preferable because it offers the client the opportunity to be open and honest without someone physically seeing them.

It is even possible to use a pseudonym if you really want to hide who you are from the provider.

This may seem counterproductive since the idea of finding a solid, reliable counsellor is based on establishing some level of trust.

However, it is useful for those who are particular about keeping their identity a secret.

After a few sessions, they may feel comfortable enough to reveal their true self to the counsellor, but that is totally up to them.


Some struggle with making it to counselling sessions because there are not enough hours in the day.

If your schedule is overrun with school, work and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to add other things.

Seeing someone online means that you can slide a session in when it is convenient for you.

Since you won’t have to worry about the commute to an office or sitting in a waiting room, it will be easier to make time for this.

Keep in mind that there are online counsellors available who are all over the globe, which means that there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to finding a good time.

Even if you are only available in the middle of the night, it is most likely there will be someone available to assist you.


In most cases, seeing someone on the internet is cheaper than making an appointment and visiting an office location.

If you have avoided going to sessions because the cost was too high, this can definitely make a difference.

There isn’t any universal price list when it comes to the amount you will be charged, so you have to do some comparison shopping to find a reliable option that is affordable for you.


There are some areas that do not have many counsellors available, and when they do, almost everyone is familiar with them.

It can be difficult to open up to a counsellor when it is someone who is acquainted with many people you know.

If you are located in a place like this, reaching out to a counsellor who is remote can offer you peace of mind.

As you can tell, there are a number of benefits associated with seeking mental health counselling on the web.

From anonymity to reduced costs, there aren’t too many reasons not to consider this.

Remember all of these points if you are ever in need of help and you are seeking an alternative to traditional sessions.

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