The development of Online Counselling

Distance counselling between counsellor and client is not a new concept. Sigmund Freud utilised letters extensively to communicate with his clients. Even before the appearance of the Internet, remote therapeutic relations were quite common using the telephone.

The availability of distance counselling significantly increased with the development of the Internet and modern tele devises. The more Internet connections and speeds increased, the more Online Video Counselling was utilised. It wasn’t long before it became widespread. Today there are numerous sits offering on line video counselling services all over the world.

Recent studies have shown that clients who receive on line video counselling from a qualified and experienced practitioner report “high levels of satisfaction. These studies found that it is as effective as face-to-face counselling. This is good news for many people, particularly those who find counselling difficult to access because of distance, lack of family support, work commitments or health reasons. It is quickly becoming an important resource for a growing number of clients.

Advantages of Online Video Counselling

Online video counselling is personal. Just like face to face counselling clients see, hear and work with the counsellor from their own homes or in a private settings that are familiar. Video counselling service has many other advantages it;

  • Allows 2 or more participants to attend from different locations
  • Is confidential, convenient and safe,
  • Provides quick and efficient access to qualified and experienced professional counselling,
  • Is time efficient and simple too organise,
  • Fits easily into your busy work and home schedule,
  • Removes the travel time to and from the session,
  • Minimises or eliminate the need for a babysitter,
  • Provides easier access to people with mobility issues due to disability,
  • Is accessible from a computer, iPad or phone from anywhere in Australia.

In summary our online professional counselling service is safe, easy to access and in line with the governments Covid-19 public health policies. As shown It is where clients are given the opportunity to develop the skills and strategies necessary to achieve clarity and a better outcome during these difficult times.

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