Thousands of people rely on couples counselling each year because they want to save their relationships.

Rather than giving up and calling it quits because they are going through a bit of a rough patch with one another, these couples are trying to overcome the struggles and move forward together because they love one another.

Those that attend these counselling sessions have a better chance of staying together and improving the relationship in general because of the top five principles of effective counselling.


Communication needs to be a priority. It is something couples need to have with one another or else the relationship will eventually fail.

There are often a lot of misunderstandings that take place when two people in a relationship are not effectively communicating back and forth with one another.

However, communication is one of the first and most important principles of effective counselling and it is something the counsellor will go over each time he or she meets with the couple.

Some couples would like to communicate more effectively but they simply do not know how to do so.

By attending counselling sessions, they can get the best advice on how to listen better and talk more respectfully and openly with their partners.

Learning to communicate in a positive way can make such a difference for any couple.


Aside from learning to communicate better, both people in the relationship must learn to put a stop to their bad behaviour.

These bad behaviours could include overspending and buying unnecessary items without discussing finances with the other person in the relationship, cheating, or even flirting with other people.

The bad behaviours need to get addressed during counselling sessions.

The counsellor may then provide suggestions on what each person can do to put the past behind them and focus on starting over with a fresh slate.


Current problems within the relationship should get discussed during counselling sessions.

No matter how big or small these issues are, couples should talk about issues they have with one another if they want to resolve those issues, move past them, and improve the way that they treat one another.


When couples focus solely on the negativity, it takes away from the relationship.

It causes them to fall into this depressed, sad state of mind where they no longer feel that connection with someone they love so dearly.

They will often start to feel like there are constantly different problems to deal with.

Rather than focusing on all the negativity, the counsellor will encourage couples to talk about their strengths while complementing one another and bringing up positive things about each other.

It helps these individuals remember why they are in a relationship in the first place and why they fell so deeply in love in the first place..


There is a primary focus on getting couples to build their bond with one another. They need to start talking to one another more without all the distractions.

They should start going out on dates, even if those dates are as simple as it can get.

When couples work on resolving issues, communicating better, and are focusing on their strengths, they can become closer with one another and get that bond back again.

When couples want to stay together but are having troubles within the relationship, they can benefit from meeting with a counsellor on a routine basis to receive advice, support, and expert guidance.

These top five principles of effective counselling can truly make a difference.

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