Relationships can’t be forced. No matter how hard you try, when two people are not meant to be together, the relationship is bound to experience issues.

However, there are times when relationships simply undergo challenging situations.

If these situations can be bridged through counselling, especially when it involves saving a family, it is an option definitely worth considering.

However, what are the steps when it comes to counselling relationships?

Every relationship is unique, so there is no specific way that counselling is approached.

However, there are some guidelines an expert will use. They include:


If you are using a reputable counselling service, the sessions will most likely start with detailed assessments.

It is important for counsellors to understand their patients and where they come from.

They also have to remain being the objective party during the session, hence the reason for learning more about the relationship first.


After the counsellor feels comfortable going forward, he or she will most likely try to establish open and honest communication.

Communication is critical during counselling sessions, and it is the only way true progress can be made.

However, the communication needs to be honest and constructive because even though you should always feel safe to speak your mind during a session, it should never turn into a vocal battle.


When trust between two partners is an issue, the smallest problem can turn into a major dispute.

In other words, there needs to be a level of trust if the relationship has any hope of surviving.

The counsellor will always guide the session in such a way that rebuilds the trust in the relationship.

However, both parties have to be willing to do the work in order for the sessions to be successful.


One of the advantages of counselling is that you get to see things from a different perspective.

As the counsellor is not a personal friend with biased opinions towards you or your partner, they will present you with an opinion that won’t always be easy to accept.

However, once you get a different perspective about the relationship, it could be what you need to save it.


Just like both parties need to willingly step into a counselling session, they also need to some common goals.

By sharing common goals in life, you are able to relate to each other better and stay connected. Ultimately, you should be wanting to achieve the same things.

And if it happens that you don’t share the same goals in life, it might be time to let go.

It can be incredibly difficult to accept when a relationship is over, even when it isn’t a healthy one.

However, through counselling, you can find out whether the relationship is really beyond repair, or whether you just need to implement some small changes.

Everything depends on you and your partner, as well as your determination to live a happy life together.

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