Abbotsford Relationship And Counselling Services


Being part of a modern society basically means rushing from point A to point B. Responsibilities, technology, traffic, world events – these are all elements that quickly distract us from underlying emotional issues. And when these underlying emotions get too much, it is like darkness setting in.

Too many people underestimate mental and emotional health. Even though these are elements that significantly influence every relationship. For example, when a person feels unworthy and disposable, it will have a negative impact on the most important connections they make. However, this is what Abbotsford relationship and counselling services are for. To address those problems that are not always so obvious.


Couples counselling is not exactly an easy topic to introduce to a partner. Why? Because it means accepting that there are complications within the relationship. However, this does not mean that marriage counselling is a bad thing. In fact, it should be considered one of the healthiest channels towards finding a solution. And to get an idea of what relationship counselling is typically used for, here are some examples.

You Have Trouble Communicating:

A very common problem for couples is the breakdown of communication. For the most part, the breakdown develops slowly and becomes more severe as time passes. Eventually, the couple is unable to have a conversation where they respect each other’s feelings. Relationship counselling can provide a safe platform for couples to rebuild the communication they lost along the way. If couples cannot communicate properly, there will not be any progress.

Difficulty Working Past Problems:

Holding on to problems and confrontations from the past is another big reason couples seek counselling. Yes, it can be very difficult to let go of painful situations, especially when they can be brought up during new arguments. However, in order to move forward with a relationship, the past has to stay where it is. Marriage counselling offers guidance on how to start focusing on the present moment, in addition to making peace with the past.

Advice To Improve The Relationship:

Couples counselling is not just about addressing problems. It can also introduce couples to new and exciting experiences. And counselling can be the motivation behind being more honest and less passive-aggressive.


While relationship counselling can be very beneficial, personal counselling is just as important. There are situations when an individual has to take time to self-reflect, and what better way to do this than through personal counselling? This is because mental health is what determines happiness at the end of the day. And if a person can be happy with who they see in the mirror, it is much easier to deal with the challenges life and relationships present. Here are some reasons why personal counselling might be something you could be interested in.

Address Built-Up Stress And Anger Management:

Not everyone is born with a strong personality, and not everyone has the ability to wear their heart on their sleeve. And for individuals that can relate to these personality traits, you will also probably agree that you internalise a lot of your anger and frustration. This leads to bouts of depression, or in some cases, angry blowouts. Hence the reason for talking to someone who can do more than try to understand. Why not speak to someone who can give advice on how to cope better?

Understand More About Yourself

Humans are strange creatures. And the cycles of life can appear more than a little overwhelming at times. However, before those overwhelming feelings create doubt about your work, your future, and even your relationships, break through the noise with personal counselling. More specifically, find clarity about your goals in life and how to reach them.

Overcome Personal Hurdles

Some things are simply too personal to discuss, even with people you trust very much. Depending on the personal hurdle you face, it could be better to talk with someone like a counsellor. Not only are personal counsellors in Abbotsford objective, but they are professional. And they have the knowledge to help you overcome issues that influence your mental health.


There are so many advantages of using relationship and personal counselling, listing everything is simply not possible in this post. However, here are some benefits couples and individuals typically testify to.

  • Couples learn to listen and understand each other better
  • Counselling provides a safe environment where couples can start to rebuild
  • You can learn to be more confident while you address personal issues like anger management
  • Become more open-minded and gain perspective about life

Keep in mind that counselling can only do so much. The success of every session depends on the willingness of the couples and individuals involved. If you are motivated to make things work, counselling can help to take the next step.


Our personal and relationship counselling provides the opportunity for you to explore and develop an understanding of what you
are going through. This can lead to realistic self-appraisal which can ignite the personal and/or relationship skills and qualities you
need to have a positive effect.

With the mental health impact of Covid-19, the Department of Health has increased the availability of medicare rebates for Online Video Counselling.