Relationship Counselling In Aberfeldie VIC 3040


Relationships are complex due to one main factor – people change. And it is part of the human condition to expect your partner to stay the same person, even though everything else is bound to change in some way or another. Unfortunately, these expectations can cause a disruption in communication. That is because change is an inevitable force that influences every one of us. Hence the reason why so many couples end up feeling like they do not understand each other anymore.

However, is relationship counselling, or even personal counselling, the solution couples should be seeking? In all honesty, couples counselling is not a miracle answer for impossible situations. However, it provides a constructive platform that couples can use to figure out where they want to go with the relationship. Having someone with an objective opinion, knowledge, and experience to guide the conversations, can bring clarity to what seems like complete darkness right now.   


There are other complexities within relationships. And a lack of communication is just one example of how a relationship can eventually break down completely. The truth is that couples need to learn to grow “together”. Instead of expecting each other to stay constant, couples should share the gift that only life experiences can bring around through change. 

Professional relationship counselling in Aberfeldie aims to help couples through issues that naturally occur over time. And the counselling includes more than just insight on how to start communicating with your partner again. It will also focus on helping couples rediscover each other. If necessary, personal counselling is available as well.   


Given that every couples counselling session is unique in some way, and every relationship faces different problems, there are varying ways relationship counselling can help. To give you some perspective, here are some of the most common reasons why couples seek this specific service. 

Create A Safe Space: 

A hostile environment does not necessarily imply physical danger. In this case, a hostile environment is when couples fail to communicate without getting angry or painfully critical. However, with a counselling session, there are rules that need to be followed. For example, both people get the chance to speak and it has to remain civil. Destructive or negative comments are simply not allowed. The point is to create an area where both parties can feel safe to share thoughts and feelings. 

Valuable Objective Insight:

It can be hard to accept or even grasp, but every scene has a million different perspectives. It simply depends on how many people are involved. And for couples in a bad place, it is especially challenging to be open-minded and objective. However, experienced relationship counsellors in Aberfeldie are available for this specific reason. They do not judge or choose sides, and they never disrespect the privacy couples entrust them with. Instead, they keep the session neutral and guide it towards a productive end. 

Regain Confidence Through Personal Counselling: 

In terms of personal counselling sessions, these are good for self-exploration. Sometimes it is beneficial to take time and only focus on yourself. Because if you do not feel confident in who you are or what you can offer to your partner, it adds more strain to the relationship. 


As mentioned, every session is unique. Which means the goals for the session are going to differ depending on every couple that seeks counselling in Aberfeldie. However, there are some fundamental personal and relationship counselling goals to expect when you consult with professionals.  


Always try to be honest with yourself and your partner. Even when it seems like the hardest thing to do, it could be the difference between saving and breaking the relationship. 


Truly honest conversations can only occur in a “safe” environment. Thus, couples should not just respect this rule and goal when they are in counselling sessions. They also need to apply it outside the counsellor’s office. 

Open Communication:

Avoid becoming passive-aggressive by speaking up. Do not let anger and tension build up and cause much bigger fights than necessary. When small issues are addressed immediately, it can be resolved much quicker.  

Personal and relationship counselling cannot guarantee that couples will stay together. However, it is a step in the right direction if you are serious about finding happiness again.


Our personal and relationship counselling provides the opportunity for you to explore and develop an understanding of what you
are going through. This can lead to realistic self-appraisal which can ignite the personal and/or relationship skills and qualities you
need to have a positive effect.

With the mental health impact of Covid-19, the Department of Health has increased the availability of medicare rebates for Online Video Counselling.